How Much Are Impact Windows?

impact windows cost

Tired of being concerned about your home’s security during storm season? Uncertain about the high cost of impact windows? We know that keeping your family safe and secure is a top priority, but the cost of ensuring that safety can be overwhelming. And with hurricane season around the corner, the stress of finding the right…

HUAJIAN’S New 10,000-ton Extruding Machine

extruding machine

HUAJIAN’s new 10,000-ton extruding machine started trial production on the morning of Feb 28 in the HUAJIAN NO.3 factory after long-term installation and debugging. Our production, management, equipment dynamic, and technical quality departments are all present and waiting to solve the possible technical problems. Then the large-size industrial aluminum profile was extruded from the new…

How to Paint an Aluminum Door?

paint an aluminum door

Painting aluminum door is a difficult task that requires extensive knowledge and skill. It’s hard to get the job done right. You can’t just trust anyone with this important job of painting aluminum doors. If done incorrectly, your aluminum door could be ruined, leaving you with an ugly and costly mess to clean up. If…

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