How to Clean Aluminum Window Frames?

A delicate window would beautify homes and buildings. In the beginning, the window frames are clean and shiny. However, the window frame may get dirty or rusty after some years of work. As a professional aluminum window manufacturer, we would like to share some tips to clean aluminum window frames to make your window delicate again. Today, this blog post will share five methods of cleaning aluminum window frames and some common problems with aluminum windows. By the way, if you have other solutions about how to shine aluminum, we are happy to have your sharings in the comment section! OK, don’t waste time; let’s start!

cleaning aluminum window

Three simple ways to clean aluminum window frames

Wipe the dust off with a clean towel and water.

If you installed your aluminum window a few months ago, the window frames are not dirty. It is enough to prepare a fresh towel and a basin of water. Wet the towel and wipe the aluminum window frame gently. After wiping, you can use a dry towel to dry the window or let the aluminum window frame dry naturally.

Remove spot stains with specific aluminum window frame cleaners.

This method is similar to the previous one but is more of a specific cleaner. Specific cleaners are used to clean grease, oil, and dirt on the surface of the aluminum window frame. It’s better to choose neutral detergent to remove all the stains to avoid damage. Douse the window frame, refrain from your strength, and use a fresh towel to wipe all the stains gently until you remove all the stains.

Clean oxidation from aluminum window frame with white vinegar.

Over a long time, it has been common that there is oxidation on the aluminum frame. Many people can’t tell the difference between aluminum oxidation and corrosion. Oxidation film plays a role in protecting aluminum from corrosion. So, when you find oxidation on aluminum frames, you don’t need to worry about it. Clean oxidation from aluminum is really easy. Now, I will teach you the cleaning aluminum window frame methods.

How to clean aluminum oxidation is easy. Using this method, you need to prepare some household products, such as a dry brush, white vinegar, a clean rag, and water.

How to remove oxidation on aluminum?

  • Use a soft brush to clean any dirt from the window.
  • Pour equal white vinegar into water and mix them.
  • Wet the brush by dipping it into the solution and brush the surface of the window frame.
  • After removing oxidation on the aluminum frame, rinse it with water and wipe it dry using a clean rag.

If the white vinegar doesn’t work for aluminum window frame oxidation, you can use a stainless-steel wire brush to clean the frame. But stainless steel wire brush easily damages the aluminum window frame surface and leads to corrosion. So, you need to reconsider if you will use it.

clean aluminum window

How often should you clean aluminum window frames and other parts?

How often do you clean aluminum window frames and other parts?

Generally, aluminum windows and doors need to be cleaned every three months if there are no strict cleaning requirements. You need to check if the aluminum window frames and hardware work every three months. This hardware includes window handles, hinges, window tracks, etc. Besides this hardware, it’s also necessary to check window sealing. Once there is any problem, repair the aluminum window timely.

Reasons why you should clean aluminum window frames regularly?

1 Cleaning aluminum window frames and other parts can prevent damage from dirt, sand, or rain.

2 Clean aluminum window frames and window glass make your home or workplace clean and bright. Stay in such a clean and bright place, and you will have a good mood every day.

3 There is common knowledge about aluminum windows; aluminum window frames have poor thermal insulation performance. With the appearance of a broken bridge aluminum window, the thermal insulation problem was solved perfectly. But you still need to check the aluminum window sealing often so that you can repair or seal the window again when parts come unglued.

How to maintain aluminum window frames?

  1. Use specific metal window cleaners to clean aluminum window frames. Avoid buying strong acid and alkali cleaning agents when you purchase metal window cleaners, and choose mild ones.
  2. When cleaning aluminum window frames, avoid stepping on the sill to cause any damage to the bottom of the frame. Moreover, avoid pulling the frame for support. These actions will easily wear out window frames and are dangerous.
  3. Upkeep all the aluminum window parts every three months and replace damaged parts. It’s also necessary to grease hinges or other parts every half of the year and adjust them.
  4. Open and close aluminum frame windows gently. Avoid pulling by increasing force if you find it difficult to open or close them. Now, what you should do is stop pulling and check the problems right now.
  5. Keep the aluminum window frame clean. Do not use a wet rag to clean aluminum window frames in winter. Otherwise, it will damage the window sealing.
clean aluminum window track

How to clean window tracks?

Long-time uncleaned window tracks are full of dust, debris, or insect corpses. The worst is that your window tracks become mold after a long work. This time, your window tracks are really difficult to clean, and your household tools don’t work for this catchall track. What should you do? Next, let’s dive into tips to clean window tracks.

Note: This process can be done after you have cleaned your window and it can’t be turned.

Some tools: cotton rags, a flat screwdriver, a soft brush, a toothbrush, a vacuum, commercial mold remover, white vinegar, baking soda, a small tweezer

Step 1 Use tools to remove dirt.

When cleaning window tracks, you can use a vacuum to draw the dust and debris at first and then use a dry rag to wipe the tracks. If the dust and debris have stuck to the track and become hard to remove, you can use a flat screwdriver. Because the window track is narrow, you can prepare smaller tools ahead, such as a small tweezer or a long pimple pin (optional).

Note: don’t use a plastic tweezer to clean window tracks. Otherwise, you will get your tweezer broken.

When you can’t use the flat screwdriver to clean narrower window tracks, you should be able to use a smaller tweezer. If a stone gets stuck in the window truck, just use the tweezer or pimple pin to tweeze it. After removing most dust, debris, and stones, use a soft brush or toothbrush to scrub. Repeat some times, and you will be able to remove most of the dirt.

Step2 Remove mold with white vinegar or commercial mold remover

This process is somewhat similar to the previous method of removing oxidation on aluminum window frames.

Pour vinegar and water solution over the mold places, sprinkle a little baking soda, and wait 1 minute, then wipe or scrub the track. The mold can be easily removed.

Step 3 Wash the window track.

The final step is using clear water to wash all the dirt away. After this step, leave the window track dry naturally or use a fresh towel to dry it.

Note: If you clean the window track in winter, dry it when you finish all the work and don’t leave it dry naturally.

How to clean aluminum window awnings?

Aluminum window awnings are popular and common. They prevent rainwater from sweeping into the room in harsh weather. However, another problem comes: how do you clean aluminum window awnings after raining? Ok, it comes to the next part: steps to clean aluminum window frames.

Note: If you live in an apartment or other high buildings, please give up cleaning window awnings to avoid any dangers. This method can just apply to low windows.

Tools: a broom, a 2-way step ladder, a mob

Step1 Sweep debris and dust away with a broom

First, place the ladder stable, then climb the ladder up to a position where you can see the entire window awning. Use the broom to sweep all the debris and dust away.

Step 2 Wet the mop with soap and water or other neutral cleaners.

Use the wet mop to mop the window awnings, or use a rag to wipe the awning that you can access and use a mop to mop the rest.

Step3 Rinse the aluminum window awnings with water

If you have a garden hose on hand, it will be better. This step is really easy and interesting. Just rinse off the aluminum window awning thoroughly, and let it dry naturally.


Clean aluminum window frames and other parts is an easy task. But you must be really careful to avoid dangers. Moreover, during the cleaning process, note the sill to avoid stepping window frames. Remember to do regular upkeep of your aluminum window, not just clean aluminum window frames, and you will keep your aluminum windows new and bright.

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